#Drawthisinyourstyle: Patricia Corrales

(Puedes leer esta entrada en castellano pulsando en esta frase) We continue this challenge so entertaining, this time with the original illustration by Patricia Corrales. I knew her work shortly after starting to participate in Proyecto Kahlo, she collaborates monthly with the magazine 🙂 From the beginning I was caught by her chromatic palete, so … Sigue leyendo #Drawthisinyourstyle: Patricia Corrales


How to cook Haupia

Lately I've made Haupia a lot of times and finally, here's the recipe! It's so easy to do and super fun to eat! If you like coconut, try it 😀 I've changed some things (agave syrup instead of sugar and using less quantity, but remember that you don't need any sugar to enjoy this desert, it'll … Sigue leyendo How to cook Haupia